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Filing for a divorce can be an incredibly painful process.

Not only is a relationship that you once thought would last forever comes to an end, but you now must contend with the separation process of estates and responsibilities. It can be too much for one person to handle if they attempt to take this on alone. Fortunately, you are not alone. White Mountain Law Group is here to walk with you during the divorce process to ensure that you receive fair compromises from your spouse during this time of separation.

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Here are some of the many ways that we can provide services for you during this trying time.

  • We can help manage child support negotiations to ensure that your child receives the financial care that they deserve.
  • We will determine fair property divisions that will help you retain or gain what you rightfully deserve.
  • White Mountain Law Group will mediate for spousal maintenance in order to ensure you receive compensation without hassle after your divorce.
  • Our team can handle custody arrangements and set up precedents that are fair for your child’s well-being depending on the circumstances.

Our Mission Statement to You

Trying to manage all of this during a divorce can overwhelm someone and cause them to withdraw into an emotionally vulnerable state. On top of this, your spouse may be unwilling to settle these matters outside of court in a civilized manner. Fortunately, we have your back. We will stand and fight for you whenever you need help the most. White Mountain Law Group has been helping divorcees for years and we’re ready to help you. Don’t attempt to take this monumental task head-on and by yourself. Contact us today to schedule your consultation or simply inquire with us about what services you need. We’ll be ready to take the fight head-on for you so you can get the peace of mind you deserve.

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Going through a legal separation or divorce is challenging, and it’s not unusual to feel emotional during this time. Our family lawyers can help you stay grounded, focus on the objective ahead, and take one step closer to a fair and just settlement. Should your case move to court, our family lawyers can also provide you with extensive legal representation.

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