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Family Law

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Whether you are dealing with divorce, custody, visitation or domestic violence, family law issues impact the very core of society-the family unit. You need a family lawyer during some of the most stressful times in your life.

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Legal Separation & Divorce

Property Division

Child Support & Custody


Spousal Maintenance

Parenting Time

Post-Decree Modifications

Premarital Agreements

Our attorneys are fully aware of the emotional trauma that can accompany matters of family law…

Our goal is to minimize acrimony among family members during a difficult and emotional time while protecting the rights of our clients through zealous advocacy. Through their combined life experiences, our attorneys understand that family law is qualitatively different than virtually any other area of law.

Just because divorce may be inevitable does not mean that the life-long relationships built through a marriage ought not be respected, particularly in cases where children are involved. Our attorneys incorporate skill and compassion into each case. The focus is on fostering and maintaining familial relationships while aggressively representing our clients.

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Regardless of the type of matter, our firm guides you carefully through the legal steps to help you resolve your personal concerns with the goal of achieving a fair and equitable agreement.

Our family law attorneys in the Mesa and Show Low offices of White Mountain Law Group provide expert counsel and strong advocacy in the complex areas of discovery, assessment and negotiation of both personal and business assets, and will represent your present as well as your future financial interests.

Our attorneys guide you through the full range of visitation issues, including parental visitation, and the rights of extended family and grandparents. We apply innovative solutions and strong negotiation techniques to the development, revision and enforcement of workable child support agreements. We will work diligently to assist you and your spouse to resolve your differences without going to court if possible. When agreement is not possible, our experienced attorneys provide strong, persuasive representation in court.

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